Pro1file 101

Welcome to the newest innovation in automotive events Pro1File! Showcase your ride like never before with a fully customizable pro1file for your vehicle ensuring everyone (including judges) knows what your build has to offer.

Using pro1file is free and pretty easy. Use pro1file to showcase the modifications and achievements of your vehicle so fans and judges never miss an upgrade.  This quick guide will help you get started. To begin you’ll need to create your free pro1file account. 

From the main menu you can click join or from the home page choose create a free pro1file now, just under the login form.  Begin by choosing your user name and choose wisely, this is the only element of you pro1file that can not be changed once account is created.  Proceed by completing all the fields, choosing a secure password and finally,  click register.  That’s it! Your pro1file is ready for customization.  

Editing and Managing Your Pro1File

Your Pro1file can be viewed and edited at anytime directly from the main menu or on your account settings page. On the Pro1File page the public will only see information that has been completed in your Pro1File. If this is your first time logging in, your user name may be the only information showing.

Understanding Your Pro1File page:

User Name Appears at the top and is the only thing that cannot be changed. If you would like a new user name simply create a new account with desired name (please note all information will need to be re-entered.)

Under that will be you Pro1File Cover Photo and Pic. We recommend at least 200px x 200px for your pic and at least 225px high for your cover photo. {Please note: cover photo will be cropped on mobile devices)

Beneath your pictures is the Pro1File menu which includes your Account Orders, Editing Your Pro1file, and updating your images.

Editing Your Pro1File:

From the Manage Pro1File Page choose edit from the menu under your pro1file images.

The first thing to edit is Pro1File Categories. (Choose all that apply, can change at anytime)

Then scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes”

Depending on which Categories you selected, upon refreshing the page, new Tabs may appear that can now be completed and displayed on your Pro1File.

On the Pro1File page the public will only see information that has been completed in your Pro1File.

Pro1File pages should be kept up to date. We recommend editing and updating the night before any event to be sure judges and fans are aware of any changes or additions to your vehicle.