Audio Arena SQ Soundoff Battles

Basic Rules & Requirements

Entry Fee: $10 per entry

Battle bracket style until one winner is crowned in each class.

Competitors will battle side by side.

Judging is based on overall sound, clarity, balance and loudness.

Competitors may used any type of music at any frequency but tones or burps are prohibited.

Competitors not in the ring ready to battle within 5 minutes of their class being called will automatically forfeit their spot and no entry fees will be refunded. Participants must be registered by 1pm the day of the show. At 1pm there will be a short competitor meeting and then battles will begin.

Classing may be separated into smaller classes based on participation.

Competitors will be classed based division and the total number of speakers.

Awards for 1st and 2nd place in each class.

What to see how loud you are on the meter? Check out our Pro Audio Metering Format.

SQ Demo is a one directional demo battle.


If more than 8 people are in any division it will be split in 2 or more classes

Doors and Bass Only

Enclosures in the cargo area can only be for subs ported to inside the cabin, any stunt walls or external enclosures can only be used in Door/Bass/Cargo class.

Doors, Bass and Trunk/Cargo Area/Truck Bed

Any external enclosures can only be used in Extreme class.

Extreme (No Rules)

External enclosures and/or crowns can be used.

Bike/Trike/Recreational Vehicle

Non Traditional Vehicle Class