Audio Tips: At the Competition

Charge Before/in between runs

Just as you should charge your batteries the night before a show, when competing in multiple formats, plan to allow your voltage a chance to rebound between runs. Some shows are tight on time so always verify with your judge if you have enough time to charge and pull back in the lanes for your next format.

Don’t use Bluetooth

Most people use Bluetooth while demoing and just endure the embarrassment of a song cutting out if a phone call or notification from your phone is received. While competing this inconvenience can cost you big time. Even if allowed to make a second run after your music cuts out once, your voltage will not be as strong and in some cases like during a battle, a signal interruption can cost you points and possibly a win. Even just a loss of connection can be a big problem in the middle of a competition.

Prepare your music or burp

Before pulling in for a battle or an SPL run, take a moment to get your song or the correct tone ready to play before you begin competing. In some organizations you have a time limit to get your car playing so dont waste this time flipping through your mp3s for the correct track. Also take into consideration when the bass drops. You do not want to start a song at the beginning and risk the bass line not playing during your run.

Check in with your judge ASAP

Checking in with your judge is imperative when competing in battles or dueling demos. This will ensure you are classed properly. For SPL metering, it is good to check in and find out what times the lanes close and when awards will be distributed.

Run vehicle as early as possible

For Battles and Dueling Demos, a time slot may be given by judges, therefore you can not compete until it is your turn. However, in SPL Metering there may be a wait in the lanes, best to get in early and finish early if vehicle is ready to run. Competing early avoids wasting the fresh voltage from charging the night before. Also anytime you demo before competing, you are risking equipment failure or harm before you get the chance to even pull in the lanes.

DO NOT Demo in the lanes

Not only will most judges address you even if you tried to demo near the lanes, as listed before the risk to your equipment is not worth it. It is ok to test quickly or queue up the music for your run but be respectful of the mic on the meter and your fellow competitors.

Turn off accessories

Accessories such as your vehicles A/C are a draw on your current flow making them just a waste of voltage on your electrical system while competing. Make yourself a pre run checklist to be sure all equipment is powered up or off as needed.

Start before Go!

When your SPL metering run begins, there is usually a countdown then the word GO! appears on the screen indicating your vehicle measurement has begun. Most importantly on a musical average run, it is best practice to begin playing before the word GO! appears so there is not a few seconds at the beginning with a 0 DB score. This can drop your overall average score.

Mark your trophies

Some organizations or even shows can re use trophy and awards designs. Best to mark or label your awards on the back if no location and/or date are listed. This will help with keeping track of which awards came from which shows.

Take Pics and Videos

At the show hundreds of phones will be out and recording but it always seems like none of them show up on your feed! Have a friend or take pics and videos yourself as often as possible. This will create content for social media and potientially could be used for team and sponsor recruiting.

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