Audio Tips: The Day Before A Competition

Create an organized playlist

If using a USB you may want to create a demo folder and comp folder. Make sure you have all versions of any music required for competition such as burps, sweeps and/or approved commercial songs.

Always check your music for clipping. Click here to learn more.

Tune your system

**Always consult a professional** A stereo system that is playing a signal that is distorted, will not only perform less efficiently it will also cause deterioration of your equipment. Best to have a professional check all signals and make any adjustments or installations.

Do a practice run

Ideally this would be done at an isolated location so that running full tilt will not be a concern. It might be worth checking local car audio groups to look for upcoming small meets that may offer metering. Run a sweep to find your peak frequency, observe your voltage, and just get comfortable cueing and playing your music or tones.

Verify show info and registration

Double check any pre registration paperwork is complete and accurate. Verify in the event page or on the website of any check-in times, specific entrances for competitors, or ending times for competition. Better to be prepare versus risk missing an opportunity to win or any entry fees.

Charge Your Batteries!

**Always consult a professional** When competing, the electrical system is critical. The vehicle battery creates power to function your vehicle’s sound system, lights, in addition to numerous different electric devices and the air conditioner. During this process you can also check a few other things such as clean any visible corrosion and checking all wiring.

Check out this video of Eardrum Assassion charging up the night before a show:

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